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Your favorite images, on engraving!

Mangas, cartoons, comics, personal photos… we can engrave any of your images, reconstituting the smallest details !

Our shiny black lighter is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the finer things in life. It comes in a luxury box , so it's perfect for giving as a gift or for yourself. Refills are quick and easy to use

Made in superior quality aluminum , this fine and elegant customizable lighter is also lightweight and durable , perfect for a nomadic use .

Legal Disclaimer - Buyer takes full responsibility to acknowledge that the image they send to us is not copyrighted.

Its advantages are:

✅ Customizable.

✅ Easy to refill.

✅ Quick and easy access thanks to its pop-up design.

How to recharge your Zippo WAALQI?

Please be sure to perform the following operations away from any flame or fire source.

Fill the lighter:

  1. Remove the indoor unit from the casing.
  2. Turn it over and lift the felt to reveal the cotton of the combustion body. (Tip: Use a straightened paperclip or similar tool if it's hard to pry the stamp out.)
  3. Slowly soak the cotton in lighter fluid. Stop when the liquid reaches the surface of the cotton or begins to change color. (Tip: Do not use too much gasoline; otherwise the lighter may leak. Avoid skin contact; gasoline can cause irritation. If skin contact occurs, wash affected areas promptly with soap. soft and water.)
  4. Replace the insert in the case. Before lighting your lighter, be sure to wipe off any gasoline that may have spilled onto your lighter and onto your hands. If there is gasoline on the lighter, simply wipe it off or wait a few moments for it to evaporate. Make sure that the fuel container is closed and that you have not spilled gasoline near it before lighting it – the liquid is flammable. (Tip: If you plan to keep your lighter in your pocket, we recommend putting it "from below.")
  5. Use your thumb to spin the spinner down to fire a spark. If no flame appears, start over.
  6. Once the lighter is on and after using it, close the cap to turn it off. The lighter does not turn off by itself, you have to close the cap.

    A personalized gift and



    Graphic retouching on each image
    Possibility to add a surname / first name
    Careful packaging
    • French made

      Handcrafted with high quality materials and expert construction, our products are sure to stand up to daily use over time.

      Transportez jusqu'à 8 cartes ainsi que votre monnaie grâce à notre poche en option. Avec le mécanisme de bouton d'accès rapide, une simple pression du doigt suffit pour sélectionner rapidement la carte de votre choix.
    • Fabrication française

      Fabriqués avec des matériaux de haute qualité et une construction experte, nos produits sont sûrs de résister au fil du temps à l'utilisation quotidienne.
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      Si vous êtes un passionné de Pokémon, notre briquet est un complément idéal à votre collection ! Son design distinctif présente un adorable Draceufeu accompagné d'une flamme ardente, ce qui en fait le cadeau parfait pour tout fan passionné de Pokémon. Fabriqué à partir de métal robuste, il assure durabilité et longévité.
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